The recently concluded Anime Festival Asia Malaysia that was held last weekend at the Putra World Trade Centre was a hit, surpassing the initial target with a total of 41 thousand visitors visiting the event over two days and has easily taken the crown for Malaysia’s largest Anime-centric event, eclipsing even that of AFKL. The event, which is it’s first year specifically targets the fans of Japanese culture, specifically the ones that involves animes, mangas, cosplays and anisongs. And it totally did not disappoint with a whole lot of activities lined up for the fans over the two days
Over the next few days we will be doing special report of the event, but for now we will give a gist of what happened over the two days at PWTC!

Divided into two halls, visitors can visit the exhibition hall where various anime related booth were erected. Some of the main attractions were the Good Smile Company booth which featured a lot of Good Smile Company figurines, including the newly announced Madoka Ultimate (Max Factory), Bandai, Bushiroad which brought along their Vanguard card game as well, the Culture Japan booth which featured Danny Choo and also her creation, Mirai Suenaga, Odex that brought in quite a lot of anime merchandises and also DVDs, The Figure Mall/Little Akiba that sold figurines and also stuffs from KKNM as well as the Ateliar Royale and Moe Moe Kyun Butler and Maid Cafe.

In the stage area meanwhile, visitors could see various live programmes which inlcludes special appearence from guests that includes celebriity cosplayers Spiral Cats and Kaname, J-Pop and Anisong artist FLOW, Kotoko, Kalafina, Aimi, Sea*A and Maon Kurosaki. There were also talks by guest Emcee Danny Choo, as well as latest news by Aki Takanori and Max Watanabe, the president of Good Smile Company and Max Factory respectively. Fans of Production IG cheap viagra online meanwhile had a chance to hear industry news from Production IG’s president Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and proudecer Ishii Tomohiko. There was also the pleminalry round for the AFA Regional Cosplay Championship, where the winner will represent Malaysia in the main AFA later this year in Singapore

Speaking of cosplays, there was a lot of local and some regional visitors as well that came in various kinds of cosplays ranging from the very basic taobao costumes to the more elaborate hand made ones much to the delight of the photographers that was camping around the hall for both days. Indeed, Facebook was quickly filled with photos of cosplays from both days during the weekend and more are still being posted

And to round it off, during the night for two straight days you can catch the Super Anisong Genki LIVE! concert, with the first night being Maon Kurosaki, Aimi, and Kalafina and then resumed with Sea*A, Kotoko and then the awesome FLOW. Believe me when we say it was one of the most unforgettable concert in our lives.

Anyways we will be bringing specific updates for AFA over the next few days which will include:
Interview with Ishii Tomohiko
Interview with Spiral Cats
Regional Cosplay Competition report
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa talk

So make sure to catch it!

And since we didn’t really take much cosplay pictures during AFAMY, our friend from Studio Omoshiroi let us borrow his video