With tomorrow marking the first (official) day of AFA 2012, you might wonder what is in store for you guys. Well you are in luck as AFA has let us in a little bit early to give a sneak peak of what to expect when you come in tomorrow

Good Smile Company is back and bringing with them the latest figurines, figmas and also nendoroids for all those hardcore fans. As always, the showcase is the Ultimate Madoka by Max Factory, and if you are lucky, you might be able to meet GSC's president, Aki Takanori himself.

Swords Art Online fans rejoice! A booth specifically to cater to your every fetish of this series. From the novels that started them all to the dual swords that was wielded by Kirito, you can find everything you want about the series here, well all except the ending.

For those that always are looking for official merchandise like shirts and stuffs, you vcan find all that you want in the KKNM as well as the Cospa booth, selling them items at a really low price.

The Rurouni Kenshin live action movie is also given a slot where props, such as Kenshin's “Rurouni” costume as well as a real life Sakabatou is shown

Lis Ani, a popular anime based magazine from Japan also makes a visit, with every purchase will give you a chance to have an autograph session with it's editor

Bad news for fans of the anime 'K'. Seems that it has been licensed by Odex for the Asian market, and hence, if you are still downloading it (but whyyy??) you are doing some series illegal shit. STOP IT!

We also found this Madoka car, near the official Madoka Magica booth. That's right folks, more reason to burn your hard earned monies to support this series!

We found an interesting promotion for an upcoming ova titled “One Off” which is sponsored by Honda. Here you can read the description of the anime yourself

Production IG's Cyborg 009 also is at AFA 2012, hence confirming that it will surely be shown in Singapore cinemas later when it's released.

So what are you waiting for guys. This is just the top of the iceberg of what you can find at AFA 2012. We haven't even told about the Amuse, Horipro as well as the Tamashii Nations booth. Not to mention the usual Moe Moe Kyun Meido cafe is open as always during AFA. If you are still wondering is there any reasons for you to go, well here it is!