Well what do you know folks, Culture Japan Con is just one month away! What, you don't know what Culture cheap viagra no prescription Japan Con is? Well you are missing something awesome then.

Culture Japan Con is the brainchild of popular Japanophile Danny Choo after his last Culture Japan Night that he did in Penang turned out to be a really big hit. Will be held in Penang for the first time this year, this will be a convention where Japanese Culture is showcased. And there are a lot of stuffs to look forward to, events, guests, and lots more!

And it's a star studded line up for the guests that includes seiyuu Asakawa Yuu, cosplayer Maridah and Angie, performers Vividblaze, as well as artists Ikkyuu and DMYO and not to mention Danny Choo himself as the host. Good Smile Company will also be there as well so better get your wallets ready. And not only that, you might be able to win a trip to Japan!

So what are you guys waiting for? Pre Order the tickets now!

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