We were in Singapore recently to attend Anime Festival Asia (AFA), one of the biggest anime events of 2013!

AFA is the brainchild of Singapore-based events company Sozo Pte. Ltd., and its journey began way back in 2008. In the five years of its growth, AFA, along with its other supporting projects including AFA Channel, J-Live, I ? Anisong as well its Maid and Butlet cafes, have been steadily growing in size and expanding its reach across the Southeast Asian region.

AFA 2013, recently held in Suntec Convention Centre, attracted over 85,000 visitors throughout its 3-day run. The event was spread across two halls – a convention hall, which housed all the exhibits, vendors and sponsors and the stage hall, where all the guest appearances, cosplay competitions and the concerts take place.

Lots of exciting content was found at AFA this year, and the highlights include special featured anime such as Love Live, Sword Art Online, Valverave the Liberator, Shingeki no Kyojin and Psycho Pass. These included appearances by the following guests from Japan.

Love Live
Voice Actresses – Mimori Suzuko, Tokui Sora and Nitta Emi
also known as the idol unit µ’s (pronounced as ‘Muse’)

Sword Art Online
Producer – Kashiwada Shinichiro
Director – Ito Tomohiko

Valverave the Liberator
Voice Actors – Kimura Ryohei and Ousaka Ryouta
Singers – Angela, Elisa, TM Revolution X Nana Mizuki

Shingeki no Kyojin
Voice Actress – Ishikawa Yui
Director – Araki Tetsuro
Character Designer – Asano Kyoji
Producer – George Wada
Animation Producer – Tetsuya Nakatake

Psycho Pass
Scenario Writer – Urobuchi Gen
Director – Shiotani Naoyoshi
Producer – Yamamoto Koji

Other highlights include Bushiroad setting up shop and Cardfight Vanguard arena, where visitors can battle or newcomers can learn to play. There was also a special autograph session with veteran mecha designer and animator Masami Obari and the Milky Holmes.

There was a special Sword Art Online Booth that featured various SAO merchandise, a photo booth with 1:1 cutouts of Asuna and Kirito as well as promotions for the SAO mobile application.

At the Shingeki no Kyojin booth was a unique photobooth that featured a massive 1:1 head of the Colossal Titan. Various Shingeki goods were also on sale. Various other vendors include Goodsmile Company, Bandai as well as Sega.

There’s simply too much content in AFA this year for us to fit in one report, so we will be posting more reports featuring interviews with the special guests. Keep watching this page!