Coming from the popular Anime Shrine sub-section from the Lowyat.net forum, we have become an established community in ourselves. Being a sub-section for a mainly tech site does help with getting people from all ages, and it shows where most of the discussions there are done by people with years of anime watching experience. AS can boast quite a number of famous anime bloggers in it’s rank as well, like Shinn (atalude.net), Kurogane (Kurogane’s Animeblogger Page) and Hangmen (hangmen13.16ops.com), to name a few. We also maintain a healthy relationship with other members, usually doing gatherings and meetings for face to face discussion, or just for a cup of Yumcha.

This blog’s main aim is to help promote the community more, and also bring the community the latest news in the world of Anime/manga, both in Japan and locally. We hope that you enjoy your stay here.

The team (Blog)
linkinstreet – Writer, Photographer, Editorial
Dark Steno – Editorial, Forum News Link
Hangmen – Writer, Event, Anime News.


Dark Steno

The Mascot

Name: Asu (あす)
Nick: Asu-chan
Birthday: 14th February
Blood type: O
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Three sizes: 87 – 60 – 88 cm
Hair colour: Gray/White (depending on our template. Heck might even colour her hair blue or black for all we care)
Eye colour: Green (Red depending on template)
Costume: White Miko kimono with red sash. Two antenna ears. A miko stick thingy

A Kami miko from the Ryukyuuan island, Asu-chan might not be thrilled to be the Anime Shrine mascot. But she actually love her job. Just don’t tell that to her face as she might beat you up with her miko stick. She is your classic tsundere character, which might be the reason why she is not a fan of Kugimia Rie. She is a big fan of Jam Project tho and if you are lucky you might see her karaoke’ing to Skill, and blush as you caught her in the act.

Living in Malaysia has much effect on her. She now loves Nasi Kerabu (all of my why??). And since Anime Shrine’s parent site is the tech site Lowyat.net, she has also developed two antennas just to keep up with all the latest tech news. The antennas are also useful for her to stream videos (don’t tell TM that!) directly from Nico Nico.

Some might think her as a ghost, with all that white and also the white cloud that she is riding. But rest assured she is a friendly and lovable miko :D


  • Quazacolt (7 years)

    oooh comments enabled. grats to those on the team :D
    wish i could be along for the lulz too XD

  • Avi Tejer (7 years)

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  • Catherine Meyers (6 years)

    Hello Anime Shrine team,

    My name is Catherine Meyers; I work as the admin of a web and blog directory with page rank 5. I have to say, I really like your blog, great articles about anime and manga, cosplay and figures, (that mami snow sculpture is kinda cool, headless as she ended up), Good job! That is why, I would love to have your blog in my directory, that way my visitors will also visit Anime Shrine.
    If you are interested in this link exchange, please let me know.

    Good luck with your blog!

    Catherine Meyers

  • Eugene Chong (5 years)

    My name is Eugene and i work with Club Neverland KL and we’re planning to organize a Japanese Cosplay and Anime Theme night party in early June. This event is in conjunction with Asahi Beer Launch. Would your team and readers be interested in a being a part of this event? my contact number is 016-222 6706. i hope to hear from you soon.


    Eugene Chong
    Neverland KL.

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