Interview With Spiral Cats

We managed to catch up with popular Korean cosplayers, Tasha and Miyuko from Spiral Cats for a (really) quick interview

Anime Shrine: Two of the Spiral Cats members, Tomiaaa and Miyuko are still students. Do you feel it’s hard to concentrate on studies now that a lot of spotlight are being shone upon Spiral Cats?

Spiral Cats: For Miyuko, she was into cosplay since she was in middle school, and the University that she chose to enrol into has an annual cosplay contest. She participated in the contest and won a scholarship due to it. There are a lot of people in the university that are into cosplays, cosplay clubs and also drama clubs that even have cosplays in their musicals. It’s hard to separate cosplay with her studies as she is now majoring in fashion design and cosplay helps with her studies. For Tomia, she was actually going to become a math teacher, but after being involved in cosplaying, and in turn costume designing, she changed her major to clothing designing. So cosplay also impacted her studies as well.

AS: In our earlier interview, it was said that all of you liked cats. Does any of you have a pet cat at home?
SC:Actually a member of us, Ren has a kitten right now (3 months old) and now is dominating her facebook page :D

AS: Other than Blizzard, Spiral Cats have also been hired by Microsoft for Kinect and also Riot Games for League of Legends. How was it Spiral Cats was first approached by these companies, and does any other companies have approached Spiral Cats as well after that?
SC:After we turned professional, we put up our contacts information on our website. It’s from there that companies approaches us with offers to cosplay. As for other projects, yes we have a few in the backburner but for now we can’t and won’t say anything about it :)

AS: Most of the time, we see Spiral Cats cosplays characters from recent animes and mostly from vocaloids and/or Macross Frontier. Are all of you fans of Vocaloids and Macross, and do you guys have any plans to cosplay characters from old anime series, like say, Evangelion?
SC:We are fans of Macross Frontier and also Hatsune Miku, especially their songs. When we are designing, say cosplay costume from the Macross Frontier series, we would play songs from Macross Frontier, and when we are doing costumes from Vocaloid, we will play songs from Vocaloids. It helps us get into our rhythm and somehow our works finished faster
For other cosplays, we are right now also busy with our professional work, and we are focusing on that first.

And a special message for you guys!

We would like to thanks Tasha, Tomia, Sinme, and Wilvery for this interview, and also not forgetting AFA Malaysia for arranging this for us


  • pullah (5 years)

    spiral cats message’s sub

    tasha : i am very pleased meeting you all. spiral cats team are very honoured by the invitation to Malaysia.
    i hope we can meet again in the future in this (AFA) or other events.

    miyuko : i would like to invite all malaysians to come to korea and meet korean cosplayers.
    korean cosplay is very fun, althou it is a bit different from malaysia, but cosplay is cosplay, it will be so much fun

    *sorry for the bad english..

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