Regional Cosplay Challenge – Report

The Regional Cosplay Challange Malaysian Preliminary was held in conjuction with the inaugural Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012. Sponsored by Canon, the winner of this round would represent Malaysia at the Regional Cosplay Challenge Grand Finals during Anime Festival Asia in Singapore later this year.

Three highly talented teams joined the competition this time round. The teams has to showcase on stage their skills in doing a skit, and hope to impress the judges that was sitting below. And speaking of judges, they were the who’s who in the cosplay community, being made of local “otai” cosplayer Ayase, popular South Korean cosplayers Spiral Cats (represented by Tasha and Miyuko) and Japanese cosplayer Kaname. A good line up especially for a contest of this stature. And it’s not only about the skits that the cosplayers have to impress the judges, they are also judged on their costumes as well.

The groups consisted of Konoha Boleh! and as the name implied, the team of Leena and Adam Zawawi was cosplaying the characters Tsunade and Uzumaki Naruto from what else, but the popular Ninja anime series Naruto. Next we have 4EVA SS which was made up of Narukids who was cosplaying as Shinkuu and Sky Fara who was cosplaying as Kanaria from the doll anime series Rozen Maiden. Finally we have the team Xajin and Amy that calls themselves “Checkmate” featuring Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive from the series Kuroshitsuji.

All three teams performed admirably and after the end of a highly contested performance, Team Checkmate was announced the winner followed by 4EVA SS. With this, Xajin and Amy won RM1000 cash and also tickets to Japan, courtesey of Canon Malaysia. Congratulations to the winners and hope that they can win again during the RCC finals in Singapore!


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