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Crayon Shin Chan is BACK! XD


REJOICE EVERYONE — for we have a story piece to welcome the Bon Odori Festival! The new series of popular comic Crayon Shin-chan (local release is entitled Dik Cerdas) will hit the streets of Japan next month! :D

The Japanese manga series came to an end after the tragic death of its creator, Yoshito Usui last year. However, fans from around the world requested for the return of Crayon Shin-chan in any form from the publisher. Hearing those plea, Usui’s former assistants formed the 40 mg levitra savior team – the Yoshito Usui & UY Studio – and continued on with the series! The new series of Crayon Shin-chan will be published in Futabasha Publishers’ monthly magazine Manga Town on Aug 5th 2010. “In response to the fans’ expectations, we would like to provide a high-quality finished work,” a Futabasha official said :D


kamen rider

Kamen Rider @ Tokyo Metro Subways!


Usually, Kamen Riders would travel on bikes, but this time, they took the train yo! They won’t be alone, as  the lovely Miss Rina Akiyama, will be hiding out somewhere on a decked-out Ginza subway line train through May 9, as part of a promotional tie up with Tokyo Metro for the film Kamen Rider The Movie – Cho Den-ou Trilogy! :D

Last Sunday was even crazier as two hundred fans swarmed to Ueno station to take a joyride on the train for its first run and watch performances by Akiyama and other “Kamen Rider” characters. One excited fan commented, “I think I’ll ride the subway more often from now on.” Good for the ol’ chap, because who knows after this, he’ll get to meet Ultraman? :D

Source: Sanspo

McD’s Naruto & Hello Kitty: Tomorrow Last Day!


Boys who love the awesyumness of Naruto Shippuden and girls who adores the kawaiiness of Hello Kitty!tomorrow is your last day to get their exclusive collectibles from your nearest McDonald restaurants! All 8 may no longer be available, but hey, no harm in asking lol :D

McDonald’s Naruto Shippuden & Hello Kitty! website:

GUNDAM CAFE @ Akihabara! >:D


Greetings, Gundam fans all over Malaysia! If you had missed the event at Odaiba Island of the life-size Gundam RX-78 last year, do not fret! Just last Saturday, a theme restaurant based on the popular Japanese sci-fi animation series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ had open in Tokyo’s Electric City, Akihabara! Dubbing the name GUNDAM CAFE, visitors can watch various videos providing information about the popular animation series, which began on television 31 years ago, while trying foods and deserts featuring its key characters and futuristic settings in the 60-seat maid cafe-like restaurant! Female staff member dressed in the uniforms of either from the Earth Federation or the Principality of Zeon will also act as models in the cafe, posing for photographs with visitors (you do not want to miss this!) :D

So remember fellas, if you drop by Akihabara, do drop by the Gundam Cafe! It’s just behind the Akihabara JR Station, you can’t miss it once you get off the train there :D

*well, there’s no life-size mobile suit to look at, but hey, instead of just looking, now you could be drinking! (gundam soda lol)

Official GUNDAM CAFE website (Japanese):

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