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Super GT, A Truly Animated Affair

The recenttly concluded.Autobacs Super GT at the Sepang International Race Circuit last weekend was certainly an affair to remember, no matter if you're a motor racing fan, GT Queens fan or even an anime fan. Yes, the anime subculture is making a small and stealthy gain into the Super Gt with quite a number of cars now sporting anime based itasha (more…)


Sepang SUPER GT – Creating a World of Entertainment Through Motorsports

Super GT is coming your way, and why are we promoting this? Since not only that this is about cars. No sir. If you are an anime fan, it should be a reason that you would like this event as well since, well, there will be a lot of anime sponsored cars this time around! Team Evangelion Racing, Team Good Smile, and also a Ferrari with the itasha of the famous Ika Musume will be here as well! Not only that, there will be a lot of other activities going on during the event itself that will surely be to your interest. More after the jump (more…)


Pixiv Extends It’s Reach To The English Speaking World

Popular Japanese artist online community website, Pixiv has officially opened an English version of itself as well as an English Encyclopedia, thus now fulfilling the needs of the growing English speaking user of the website (more…)

Miku Lone

Toyota US uses Miku to Promote Corolla

Toyota USA has developed quite a surprising partnership with the popular virtual idol, Hatsune Miku to promote their lines of Corolla cars (more…)

Cusco 01

Cusco Satria Neo-tan

We are used to see Itasha'ed race cars in Japan, the Good Smile Racing Team and Evangelion Racing Team from the Super GT racing series are two of the most famous race team to showcase their race cars with some animefied love, and joining them is the Cusco Junior Rally Team, which uses our own Proton Satria Neo (more…)


Animetsu’s Tenshi no Cafe Opening Today!

If you are going to e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara today, be sure the newly opened Tenshi Cafe! Preview of what you can expect there after the jump (more…)


The Hypocrisy of Fanboyism

Anime fans have been long associated with extreme obsessiveness towards their passion. It's something that we take for granted really. Even the word “Anime Otaku” in Japan is honestly describes their obsessiveness. So much that it can be considered a derogatory word in Japan, no matter how much Tokyopop's “America's Greatest Otaku” tries to hype it. But that's for another story. The story we are discussing now instead is how much hypocrite an obsessive fan can be. (more…)

Mami Guro Snow Sculpture 14

Guro Mami Snow Sculpture

Tragic Puella Magi Madoka Magica character, Tomoe Mami is given a guro snow sculpture by a rabid Japanese fan, as can be seen below (more…)


K-ON! Manga Restarting


Top moeblob manga K-ON! is to resume in the spring, much to the joy of fans. (more…)

wonfest 2011 Alter 07

Wonfest Figurine Mega Digest


The recently held Wonder Festival 2011 Winter (or Wonfest) proved to be packed with gorgeous new figures, with big names such as Alter, Good Smile Company and Mega House showing off their upcoming line-ups.
A selection of the most interesting can be inspected below: (more…)

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