Anime Festival Asia X – Regional Cosplay Competition

For our first report of AFA, we will see how the AFAX Cosplay Competition went. 5 teams representing Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Thailand pitted against each other in this highly entertaining contest that challenges their creativity on having the best costume and as well as skit. With this being the best of each country has to offer, they certainly gave a good show.

The cosplayers were judged by a panel of highly professional and renowned cosplayers. They were Kaname and Aira from Japan, Alodia from the Philippines and Clive from Singapore.

The perfomance

Team Malaysia

Team Thailand

Team Phillipines

Team Singapore

Team Indonesia

Team Drachen from Thailand took the honours this year with their fun and quirky rendition of the popular game Monster Hunter. Indonesia’s Komutaku took home 2nd place in their impressive Garo armour while the home team, The Defense Devil took third. Drachen won themselves a trip to Japan and also a canon Ixus camera. Kudos to them!

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