Anime Festival Asia X – Reviews

And after 3 days of anime products, overloads of cosplayers and also eardrum blasting concert in Singapore, we are back! It was a truly eye opening experience indeed. It’s been quite a while since we saw a crowd that lined up early for an event, and when we say early, it really was. Nearly 500 people were already waiting for the tickets to be sold at 7.30 am!

And when you went into the hall, it’s not hard to imagine why. Sega brought over it’s Project Diva arcade machine all the way from Japan, and it became an instant hit with many of the Vocaloids Hatsune Miku fans who went to check out how do their PSP game looks in HD.

The usual suspects of merchandise sellers were there, such as KKNM, Cospa and Odex. There was also a Maid Cafe and a Butler Cafe (Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier respectively)

Moe-chan so cute!!!

There was a Mini stage, where throughout the day, various activities were held. And obviously the attraction of it was the special appearance by guest cosplayers Alodia, Aira and Kaname (star) at various stages throughout the event. There was also a karaoke competition which was guest judged by the popular Japanese group SCANDAL and a Street Fighter 4 tournament as well

Tomomi found something amusing. For me, I just want to stare at her :D

The Cool Japan Experience meanwhile showcases some futuristic technology from Japan, courtesy of Toyota

Bushiroad Japan was also there, as with the finals of for the Weiss Schwarz tournament for Malaysia and Singapore. And they brought Milky Holmes with them as well!

But the main attraction should be the I <3 Anisong concert tho. Two nights of rocking out with artists such as Jam Project, Aniki, SCANDAL, Angela and May’N was a blast. Sadly we were not able to take any pictures of the concert. But we can assure you, most, if not everyone lost their voice after singing along with the artist. Sadly the sound system was not really up to par, but the enthusiastic performance made up for it.

Anyways, till next year. We bid AFA Au Revoir!

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