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Edo found out that he can't bring home the cookies

Comic Fiesta 2010. The Slowpoke Report


Edo found out that he can't bring home the cookies

During the weekend of the 18th and 19th of December last year, the Manhattan Ballroom in Berjaya Times Square was cajoled by a sudden influx of weeboes and otaku wannabes. The reason? It was the yearly Comic Fiesta. Yes folks, after two years of being in far flung

Sunway, Comic Fiesta came back to civilization, that is the Malaysian capital of Key El. Sadly your editor has a flu after the event and by the time he was back to full health, it was already 3 weeks after the event. But better late than never right?… (more…)


Comic Fiesta 2010 – Be There!


Comic Fiesta 2010 Aims To Reward Visitors and Challenge Perceptions

Since it’s humble beginnings as a small exhibition at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in 2002, Comic Fiesta has grown exponentially in both size and scope to become the premier ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) event in Malaysia. The 2009 edition of this expo brought in almost 8,000 visitors from all walks of life together under the roof of the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, the biggest audience yet for an ACG event organized in Malaysia. (more…)


Anime Festiva Asia X: Full Highlights


You’ve heard about the upcoming AFA-X. Now let us looks what is in store for us there! (more…)


Anime Festival X. The Event You Want To Be!


Anime Festival Asia returns to wow the region with the best of Japanese entertainment and pop culture. Resuming where AFA ’09 has done so successfully, Anime Festival Asia 2010 looks to expands offerings to include innovation and business collaboration opportunities. The festival is to bring top Japanese performances and industry minds to South-east Asia, JUST FOR YOU!

More after the break (more…)


Taylors College Asaban Festival 2010


The Taylors Asaban Festival (TAF) was held last Saturday. So how did it fare? (more…)


GAMP 2010 @ IMU Sri Petaling


The inaugural Games Anime Manga Party (GAMP) was held at the International Medical University, Sri Petaling yesterday. How did it went? (more…)


Konmas 2010


The first ever Konmas Convention (Karnival Anime Manga Komik Se-Malaysia) was held over the weekend at Universiti Selangor (Unisel), Shah Alam. Jointly organised by

PUTERANiME-HQ, Kelab Komuniti Penonton Anime Malaysia, UNiSEL, Universiti Industri Selangor, Shah Alam Campus and Art & Design Faculty, it was a good first event. (more…)

2010 Summer Anime (Initial) List


Initial listing only. Will be updated once more is added.
Of the prednisone vs hydrocodone list, only Seikimatsu intrigues me. Need to wait for the full list before I say much tho

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