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Anime Shrine in Japan – Day 1

So we are spending our end of the year in Japan this year in conjunction with Comiket! For starters, we will be posting some pictures from our first day here (more…)


Anime Shrine Buka Puasa Gath


Anime Shrine would like to say thanks for everyone that went to our yearly Buka Puasa gathering, which was held in KL

Sentral yesterday. Also this was a farewell gath for Shah_Ho_nam who is stationed by the Foreign Ministry to Pakistan starting next week. All the best for you shah. (more…)

Reminder: Anime Shrine Evangelion 2.0 Gathering Information



As some of you may know, in 2 more weeks (that would be on the 13th) we are having our Evangelion 2.0 Screening Gath at Cineleisure Damansara, Damansara. Tickets are now fully booked, but you can still try contacting EMiNA to see if they still have space in their share of the tickets, or pray and hope that there will be people that will drop out from the list.

For those who has booked a place, but still not paid yet, check out the official thread on payment method. Early birds get to book the seating arrangement with me.

We will start form early and have a discussion on the Evangelion series, how the new movies is changing the overall world of Eva, and is Anno trolling us.
Also discussions about the characters, why Asuka’s name is change, and also the significance of Mari, and why Kaworu is shown quite early.

We hope that this will be an awesome event.

Official Thread:

EMiNA contact:
EMiNA Facebook Event Page:

And We Are Back!


We are dedicated just for you
Yes, we are back again. Sorry for the long downtime. And I was quite busy with my own blog article as well. Anyways, we, as in the’s Anime Shrine community decided together that this needs to be revived as it reflects the thriving community there, and this is where we can tell you all the latest news and activities, and certainly the latest news in the anime world as well.

There are some changes, for one, I will be helped by Dark Steno, who as you know, is the moderator for the Anime Shrine forum section. If you feel like you can help with this site, feel free to contact me at the forum.

Anyways, it will be a fun filled year ahead, with quite a lot of activities. Next week’s Animax/K-On! promotion at Bangsar, May’n's LIVE concert in KL the night after, LYN Anime Shrine’s Evangelion gathering, GACC, EMiNA’s secret upcoming project, ACGC, C2AGE, Bon Odori, and finally CF at the end of the year. We will try and cover them all just for you guys.

We would like to thank our host, and it’s awesome boss, se7en for providing us with the space to host this site, and also for the community who asked for this site to come back. Don’t forget to check out twitter page@ and our Facebook page as well.

Thank you

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