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Masaki Yuasa

Would KickStarter Works With Everyone?

Well that was the question that we asked three anime industry people during the last Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore. This was in regards to the earlier news of Masaki Yuasa's decision to use crowdfunding, in this case KickStarter to fund his upcoming movie, Kick Heart. This was something quite new in the anime industry, and we were quite curious to heart other people's view about it, especially ones that are involved in the industry. And we have the perfect opportunity during AFA, as we asked this question to Shinichiro Watanabe, Kamiyama Kenji cialis generic as well as Tomohiko Ishii. So what was their answer? Read on (more…)


Kamiyama Kenji’s RE: Cyborg009


During Anime Festival Asia 2012, I was invited by the organiser as well as Production IG for a preview screening of Kamiyama Kenji’s latest full length animation film, RE: Cyborg009. If you felt that the title is familiar, this is because it’s a remake of an old Ishinomori Shotaro’s (of Kamen Rider fame) manga title. Done in full CG with the help of Studio Sanzigen, did Kamiyama-san did justice to this title with this adaptation? Read on then. (more…)


Production IG Turns to Kickstarter for Anime Project

Would you pay USD10,000 to spend a day with Production IG's president as well as Mamoru Ishii and Masaaki Yuasa? That is what Production IG is offering if you are willing to pledge that much in their kickstarter project, Kick Heart. (more…)

Production I.G logo

Meet Production IG at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

Are you fans of titles such as Ghost in the Shell, Eden of the East and Guilty Crown? Then you are in for a treat as the people behind the studio of these animes are coming down. Yes people, you can meet two of the people behind Production I.G. right here in Malaysia! (more…)


Why We Would Benefit With an Official Local Anime Streaming Site


No, I am not crazy. I am sure most out there would wonder why does someone wants an anime streaming service when the usual practice for anime collectors in Malaysia would just to download an anime title of their liking from torrent sites and then keep them inside their hard disk. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that (figure of speech, as you ARE actually doing something wrong by pirating) but I honestly think it’s a good time to introduce a change in the local culture here. More after the jump (more…)


MGCCon Goes International


Come May 19 and May 20, 2012, a new comics and games convention called the Malaysian Games and Comic Convention 2012 (MGCCon2012) will be opening its doors to the general public and fans (both casual and hardcore), as it invites them to come and enjoy a weekend of festivities that celebrate the love for everything and anything comics and games. (more…)


JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters


In recent years, a subculture related to Japanese anime and manga has rapidly attracted worldwide attention. To make the most of this trend, the Japan Foundation presents JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters – a traveling exhibition which examines characters as one radical aspect of this subculture. (more…)


Radical Anime Game Expo


Missed GACC? Well no fear since MMU Melaka has set up another event in it’s place! Called Radical Anime Game Expo (AKA RAGE), this event will be held at the end of March and straight into April (fool?).

BY : EMiNA Japanese Animation Club
DATE : 31 March 2012 to 1 April 2012
LOCATION : Pay Teck Hall, Melaka
WEBSITE : RAGE-Radical Anime Games Expo 2012
FACEBOOK : Rage! (Radical Anime Game Expo) | Facebook

For more info and map on how to get there, please visit their official site. See you there!


Comic Fiesta 2011 : Ever After

17th and 18th December. It's that time again as the prestigious yearly event of Comic Fiesta being held. This time, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. A better place for all as it's the biggest place than all previous venues in previous years. Compared to the last year's event that being held at the Ballroom in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, the Hall 5 of the convention center is slightly bigger by 50 percent. Plus, it's a perfect place for a large gathering of people since, well, it's KLCC. Apart from the meaning of it being the convention center, it's also meant for KL City Center which is just a few meters away from the tallest twin towers in the world. Yeah, better transportation like trains and also a lot of parking areas. (more…)

100% Ad-286.indd

100% Gempak Starz 11 is BACK!


100% Gempak Starz event (previously known as Malaysia Comic Carnival), is happening again this year and will take place on 26th – 28th November 2011 from 10:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. at Concourse level, Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. This year 100% Gempak Starz event structured to bring lots of creative and exciting activities to meet the comic fans that have been waiting since the last event held in year 2009.

More after the break (more…)

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