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Meet Shoko-tan and Momoiro Clover Z Live! @ Japan Fest

Coming this 23-27th of May, Sasuke Malaysia will be holding a very special Japan Fest at Hari Belia 2012!
In addition to its various games and competitions, they have invited two very special guests for the weekend – Momoiro Clover Z (MCZ) and the famous cat eating idol, Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan)! (more…)


AFA Malaysia adds Aimi to I <3 Anisong, Completes Line Up


AFA Malaysia finally completed their Super Anisong Genki (part of I <3 Anisong) artist line up when they revealed Aimi as the last artist for the 2 days, 6 hour anime song concert extravaganza.

Aimi, who was part of the group Tenshi no Clover, has had a good solo career, with her songs featuring in animes such as "Card Fight!! Vanguard" and "Ben-To!". Other than being a singer, Aimi is also a seiyuu as well.

Super Anisong Genki will be part of the inaugural Anime Festival Asia Malaysia this 9th and 10th June at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Aimi Profile @ AFA MY

Miku Live Tokyo

Hatsune Miku Live to be held in Tokyo Next Year


Popular vocaloid personification, Hatsune Miku will have her second live concert exactly 1 year after her first one (more…)


World Tour Project Diva Concert Online Petition, Let Miku and others to your country!


Following the famous concert in 9th March, a group of people on YouTube are raising petition to Sega to held a world tour of the concert.
After getting 10.000 votes in form of comment, we’re going to submit the votes to Sega. (more…)


May'n Big Wave @ KL Live

Undoubtedly more well known as the singing voice for Sheryl Nome, the “Universal Nymph” from the hit love triangle anime Macross Frontier, one might forgot that May'n (Nakabayashi Mei) is an established J-Pop artist herself. And when we heard she was performing her first ever concert in Malaysia, we surely didn't let go of that chance to see her in person up close ourselves.

The venue of choosing surprised us really. KL Live was never known to be a place that held a full fledged concert, especially none that we ever heard of. Usually it's just for small gigs and such. A weird choice indeed, but might be due to lack of real concert location in KL. I doubt people want to go to Bukit Jalil instead.

With the concert starting at 8pm, and the door opening at 7pm, we decided to go there around 5pm to see the crowd. The first thing we saw was a bunch of dedicated Japanese fans of May'n at the very front. Upon asking, we found out that they were there since 12! Talk about dedication. Malaysians, being, well Malaysians, only start to come in droves around 6.30pm. The heavy rain does not help as well.

So how about the concert itself then? Well other than some minor hiccups, like the surround system which was quite loud, overall it was an awesome experience. May'n sang 16 songs that night from her various albums, which includes the soundtrack from Macross, Styles and Street. Kinda all of her career condensed into one night. And what a night it was. Not even the fucked up sound system can beat her powerful voice. And the small hall means that you really can be close to her. Something that is rare for a Japanese artist's concert.

Watching her on stage, it was amazing. She really put her heart and soul in it, and she really is a professional performer as well. That is the highest regard I can give to anyone. The fact that she tried to talk in English to us, and without even any prompt cards tells how much she practiced. The Engrish of the “I really like Nasi Lemak and Pisang Goreng” and “I feel exciting” are quite funny, but it's these small things that differentiate how good a performer really is, and she is without a doubt, a great one.

Her performance on stage as well was a sight to behold. You can feel the energy oozing out from her. Her dance is well calibrated, and when she sang Universal Bunny, I have to stop and star

e at awe to her sexy dance (her bunny tail wag really was a surprise), and also quick voice change. It's one thing to hear it on CD, but to see her effortlessly does it live in front of you, is something else altogether. You can also see when she want to strain her voice, she will stop moving, as when she sang Diamond Crevasse, thus ensuring her voice does not wane midsong. The dance lessons she gave before XYZ was really fun and extremely cute, especially when she goes “Nya~!”.

It was good to sing along to songs such as Diamond Crevasse, Lion, 射手座☆午後九時Don't be late, Northern Cross, XYZ and Blue. The choice of ending and opening song was also well thought of. The show ended with the ballad Heart and Soul from Styles. But it was the opening song that sums up the night perfectly. Welcome To My Fanclub's Night! is not just the title of the song, but it was really what happened. This was not a concert, this was a personal meeting of May'n and her fans. While her fans might lack in number here, it does not lack in compassion. And when she started to falter in her goodbye speech in English, her fans told her that it was alright to speak in Japanese instead, as no matter what language, they can understand her, prompting her to cry.

All in all, it was a great night not just for fans, but for everyone that went there. She really showcased her talent as a performer, and it's quite easy to forget that this professional singer is just a mere 20 year old girl. As she said in her speech, “I want to be known throughout the world one day”, and thus everyone here hoped that one day, that wish of hers will be granted.

Song List
01 Welcome To My Fanclub's Night! ~Styles ver~
02 ノーザンクロス
03 Get Ready
04 インフィニティ
05 pink monsoon
07 Deep Breathing
08 ダイアモンドクレバス
– ダンサーコーナー
09 M-Revolution
10 What'bout my star?
11 パラノイア
12 XYZ (振り付け指導有)
13 キミシニタモウコトナカレ
14 オベリスク
15 ユニバーサル・バニー
16 射手座☆午後九時Don't be late

17 ライオン~May'n ver~
18 May'n☆Space
– ダンサー紹介
19 Heart&Soul


May’N Big Wave Concert: Initial Preview


One word: AWESOME. This certainly was one of the best concert that I’ve went to, and when it involved a performer as energetic and passionate as May’n, the experience went out of the roof.

After 16 songs, 3 costume changes, and a really – really emotional goodbye speech later, I must say, whoever missed this concert, well shame on you. This was miles better than the performance that she did at AFA. The venue means you can be closer to her as well. And she poured her heart and soul into this.

Full reports and concert pictures after we are released of our restraining orders on the pictures.

Are You Ready For The Big Wave?


So this is it guys, just days left before the big event. Finally the voice behind the “Galaxy Nymph” herself, May’n will be performing live before our own very eyes. And this is not just any small, Anisong like event like the one you see in AFA. This is a fully fledged, full out blast concert. Singapore can have their AFA. It’s an even bigger feat for a Japanese artist to choose to perform outside of Japan/US/Taiwan/China for a full concert, thus be proud about it.

Thus, have you guys gotten your tickets yet? If you haven’t, then WHY? Go! You still have the chance! Prove to them that we support their effort to come all the way to Malaysia to perform in front of us. It’s not like every week we will see anything like this. And we shall be there as well, covering the events. Thus you might see your pictures here XD

So come, let’s make this a successfull event!

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