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Culture Japan Con: Interview with Asakawa Yuu


GEORGETOWN, PENANG – We met with japanese voice actress Asakawa Yuu recently at Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Con that was held at Straits Quay Convention Centre here. She attended the event as one of the guests of honor and we were lucky to spend some time to chat with her.

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Masaki Yuasa

Would KickStarter Works With Everyone?

Well that was the question that we asked three anime industry people during the last Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore. This was in regards to the earlier news of Masaki Yuasa's decision to use crowdfunding, in this case KickStarter to fund his upcoming movie, Kick Heart. This was something quite new in the anime industry, and we were quite curious to heart other people's view about it, especially ones that are involved in the industry. And we have the perfect opportunity during AFA, as we asked this question to Shinichiro Watanabe, Kamiyama Kenji cialis generic as well as Tomohiko Ishii. So what was their answer? Read on (more…)

saber lily takdir tinggal malam

Interview With Cosplayer Maridah

It's not always that we have a chance to talk with a western anime and cosplay fan, and hence we contacted Maridah, a cosplayer from the United States which became well known due to her high quality Saber (Fate series) cosplay which was featured in Otacool 2. Much to our delight she agreed to this interview. And thus we are quite honoured to have her featured on our site.

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Interview with KANAME☆ for Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

We nearly forgot about it but here is KANAME☆'s interview during his appearance for AFA Malaysia's press conference

We are sorry for the off focus video as for whatever reason NO ONE thought of looking at the camera's LCD screen during the interview itself (we set the focus to where KANAME☆ was at when he was seating, which was further back than he was when he was talking) orz

Note: We know that the video lacks subtitles, as we just realised the subtitle file was not loaded during encoding. We will close caption the video later. In the meantime, this is the PERFECT time to learn Japanese!

Tan Image

Exclusive Interview With Billy Tan


The upcoming Malaysian Comic and Gaming Convention (MGCCON) has a slew of guest lineup that visitors can look forward to meeting during the event. One of them is Billy Tan, a local boy that went on to become a comic artist and drawing in comics that is published by Image Comics and even Marvel. Thanks to the people at MGCCON, we managed to get in touch with Billy for him to answer us some questions. More after the jump! (more…)


Interview With Spiral Cats


Finally after months of emailing coupled with back and forth translations, we managed to track down Tasha from Spiral Cats to answer some questions regarding their cosplay group. Why Spiral Cats again? Well honestly they’re just plain astonishing. Organised, great costumes, awesome photography (thanks to SinMe which we interviewed earlier) and more importantly they are gorgeous looking girls, so what’s not to like about them? It’s an honour for us that Tasha agreed to this interview. Therefore without further ado, here’s the entire interview session! (more…)


Exclusive: Interview with Alodia Gosiengfiao


Yesterday evening we were given a chance to spend some time with the lovely cosplay Alodia Gosiengfiao that came to Malaysia for the Animax Carnival 2012. And if you want to know what we talked with this lovely lady, then read on (more…)


Interview with aarinfantasy’s Aarin


If you are a yaoi/BL fan, you should have heard of aarinfantasy. Heck, even if yaoi is not your cup of tea, you should have heard of it. And it was to my greatest surprise to know that the person behind all this, Aarin is not only from Malaysia but also a fellow forumer as well. And it was an hounour to finally get to talk and interview one of the more prominent person in the anime community, albeit in a circle that I usually don’t try to get involved in much ^^;;

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Interview With Spiral Cat’s Sinme


Cosplaying has become an international phenomenon. While originally just focused in Japan, this culture of sort has now set foot in every country, no thanks to the popularity of Anime that in some way leads to the birth of cosplaying (any historians want to dispute this please send the hate mails to my email). One of these countries is Korea, and if you are a cosplay fan, you should know of the cosplay group “Spiral Cats” whose cute cosplayers, high quality photography and accurate costumes immediately made them popular among cosplay circles around the world. We are quite lucky to get hold of one of their member, photographer cum cosplayer Sinme for a little chat.

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A nice comfy chat with Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni

Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni

Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni

Well, not really that comfortable since we didn’t get any kind of refreshments, at least a cup of coffee (I don’t mind sharing with them), from the organizers of Comic Fiesta so that we might have longer time of conversation with these two singers from Japan. Ceui (pronounced ‘say-ee’) and Shimokawa Mikuni (pronounced … ah never mind) are amazing artists who made appearance in this year’s Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Having their first time in Malaysia, it’s surely a rather new experience for them. We at Anime Shrine were glad to be given some room to meet them in-person just after their stage performance. (more…)

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