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K-ON! Manga Restarting


Top moeblob manga K-ON! is to resume in the spring, much to the joy of fans. (more…)


K-On! Nearing It's End


The musically inclined manga and anime series, K-On!, which has garnered a lot of fans with it’s moe attributes has announced

it’s immanent demise, for sure to the aghast of it’s fans. (more…)


K-On! Special C78 Merchandise


Sega showcased some K-On! merchandise that will be sold during Comicket 78 (more…)

K-On! PSP Game Announced


Fans of moeblob music anime K-On! will have a reason to rejoice as it was announced that the series will receive a game adaptation for the Sony PSP (more…)


More K-On! Merchandising Madness


The latest episode of the moeblobcentric anime, K-On!!, focused on the lithe neko-like second guitarist, Nakano Azusa. Having nothing else to see, the otakus at 2ch compiled whatever real life reference that they could find in the series (more…)

New Image Hikasa Yoko Talks of Mio


Seiyuu Hikasa Yoko, most famous for voicing the left handed moeblob bassist in the series K-On! has came out with a different hairstyle in a recent interview that recalls her experience voicing the aforementioned character. (more…)

K-On! live in KL!


As mentioned earlier, Animax held a K-On! promotion event at Bangsar’s Jalan Telawi on the 6th. The event itself was managed by Roots’s Zeck, with his buddy Seth as a bodyguard. Linkin was the liaison for the cosplayers: Angie as Yui, Arisa as Mio, Aster as Mugi and Crystal as Ritsu. Also along was Jeremy from Gameaxis, and a few more whose names I couldn’t quite catch. Apologies.

Cute Girls!
The initial plan called for the cosplayers to wander around Telawi, engaging people on the streets. It was soon apparent that no one was interested in walking around under the sun at 1pm, and the cosplayers themselves were uncomfortable in the heat. A change of plans had the girls take pictures with shoppers inside the Bangsar Village shopping complex itself, but even that itself was unsatisfactory – Bangsar was simply not a haunt of anime fans. Simply put, the event wasn’t reaching its target audience.

After a short discussion between Linkin and Matt, it was agreed that the event should move to Times Square and the Bukit Bintang area, where there was a promotion for a particular MMORPG going on. This switch of locale payed off, and soon the girls were engaging people on the streets on Bukit Bintang, giving out flyers and snapping pictures with eager fans and non-fans alike. If you had your pics taken with the girls, do post your pics on the Animax Facebook page.

Overall, the event was a success once it was moved to Times Square. A special thanks to Matt as the organizer, to Linkin for handling everything between Animax and the cosplayers, and of course to the cosplayers themselves, who made things happen with their crazy bubbly personalities.

Remember! K-On! starts airing on Animax on the 16th of this month! For Malaysians, you can catch Animax on channel 715 of Astro.

If you’re one of teh lucky ones that have taken pictures with our lovely girls, please tag yourself here

Animax presents: Rain of K-On!


If you had spent any amount of time in the past month watching Animax (Channel 715 on Astro), you would have seen the adverts for K-On! Yes, Animax will be airing the show starting this 16th. The moeblob anime needs no introduction, but the promotion event Animax will be carrying out this Saturday sure does! (Note to Animax: you need to promote your events.)

What is this event you ask? 4 lovely cosplayers will be dressed as the characters from K-On, and they will be at Bangsar’s Jalan Telawi from 1-3pm, generally being moe and melting otaku hearts. Its a chance for you 2D obsessed people to get out in the sun and meet some real girls! Don’t miss this chance!

P.S. Remember your suntan lotion, less your pale pasty skin burns up in the current heat wave.

Event details:

Animax K-On! Promo
location: Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
date: 6th March (Saturday)
time: 1-3pm

Sexy Yui Adorns April Edition of Animedia

Animedia's April issue, which will be out on the 10th of March will, as predicted, run a cover issue on the upcoming K-On!!. The cover tho shows a happy but surprisingly cloth lacking Hirasawa Yui, no doubt to attract attentions of the limitless numbers of moetards that has been the driving force behind the anime genre market now.

Via Yunakiti

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