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Evangelion Claims Best Selling Blu-Ray Record


Evangelion 2.22 has officially claimed the title of the best selling Blu-Ray disc, surpassing the record set by Michael Jackson “This is It”.

This has been confirmed by Oricon, where it recorded in the first week of sales Eva 2.22 went on to sell around 357,000 copies, a new record in Japan beating the sales of the posthumously released “This is it”, which sold around 351,000 copies.

Combined sales of both DVD and Blu-Ray has exceeded 640,000 copies, and ranked as the 14th best selling anime of all united pharmacy canada times.

Angel Beats! High Quality First Episode


It was once said in a gag anime, that whatever budget a studio have for the season to make an anime, the bulk will always go to the first episode, so that it will be the highest quality. The logic behind it is simple really. The first episode is usually what makes or break the season, as it will give the viewers the initial glimpse of that series.

Well seriously someone forgot to tell that to P.A. Works, as seen by the first episode of Angel Beats! (more…)

Latest Japanese Shinkansen Dubbed “Hatsune”


An online competition to name a new shinkansen in Japan has ended with a loads of Hatsune Miku fans, the virtual idol produced by Yamaha, to name it “Hatsune” due to the similarity of the colouring between the train and the aforementioned character.

The new “E5″ class shinkansen, with a top speed of nearly 300KM/h will be in service in Tohoku. While the similarity of the colour being somewhat coincidental, fans are quick to flood social networking sites such as Mixi and Twitter to hijack the online votes and name it “Hatsune”. And it was so overwhelming that while the vote will only conclude at the end of the month, it’s now confirmed that nothing can topple the name from the top of the polls.

Reactions are somewhat mixed in the online community


Doesn’t your crotch get hot knowing our Miku-chan is now something train otaku fap over?

They do look a bit alike somehow.

It’s an exceedingly ugly Miku-chan…

They’ll be guys who splatter themselves on the train you know.

Stop that, creepy otaku.

Won’t they be happy that they can “get inside” Miku?

It’s absolutely disgusting that you’d come up with that…

Don’t name an ugly vehicle like this after Miku-chan you damn idiots!

Via: Sankaku Complex

Yui Is Otaku’s Waifu of Choice


Blur and unreliable moeblob Hirasawa Yui from the hit musically inclined anime series, K-On! has been shown to be the waifu of choice for otakus, at least in the animation magazine “Animage“‘s wife ranking (whatever that is and if that even makes any sense). Indeed, her impact is so strong that only once that her reign of terror over the unsuspecting otakus were broken in the last few months by a more mature and level headed Sheryl Nome, herself from another musically inclined anime series.

One would wonder if music and moeblob is the next “in” thing for otakus in Japan, for which if it does, the future for them looks bleak.

Via Yunakiti

Japanese vs French Commercial: Nintendo DSi LL


While it’s a certain fact that Nintendo will try to push with commercials about their latest incarnation of the DS, the DSi LL, it’s amusing to compare the way that the company has approached the different countries in their marketing ideas.

In Japan, we are shown videos that tells the viewers how large the screen has become, and the benefits of it, like so:

In France, we are given a simple math equation

The DSi LL, as the name implies is a larger screened DSi. Altho that’s just about it.

France Poster via: Kotaku

Sexy Yui Adorns April Edition of Animedia

Animedia's April issue, which will be out on the 10th of March will, as predicted, run a cover issue on the upcoming K-On!!. The cover tho shows a happy but surprisingly cloth lacking Hirasawa Yui, no doubt to attract attentions of the limitless numbers of moetards that has been the driving force behind the anime genre market now.

Via Yunakiti

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