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Miku Lone

Toyota US uses Miku to Promote Corolla

Toyota USA has developed quite a surprising partnership with the popular virtual idol, Hatsune Miku to promote their lines of Corolla cars (more…)


Samurai Umbrella Leads to Wild SWAT Chase


Still thinking of buying that umbrella that has a Katana grip as it’s handle? Be careful, as it might attract much more than just weeboe ninja wannabes (Naruto not withstanding) (more…)


Feeling The Heat? Here's A Shimapan For You


Feeling the heat? Well a lot of Japanese does as a dose of heatwave fell on the country recently. Well how do you combat this? M’s tower in Akihabara has the perfect solution with this chilled shimapan (more…)


K-On! Special C78 Merchandise


Sega showcased some K-On! merchandise that will be sold during Comicket 78 (more…)


Angel Beat's Album Cover Plagiarises Bon Jovi?


Controversy arose when the latest album by overrated anime girl’s band, Girls Dead Monster from the anime series Angel Beats!, Keep The Beat was found to have copied directly one of the cover of Bon Jovi’s album. (more…)

Fancy an Excalibur Umbrella?


Fancy an umbrella. Wait, not just ANY umbrella, but one fashioned upon the famous sword that was wielded cheap discount viagra by Saber in Fate/stay Night? Yes! It’s an Excalibur umbrella! (more…)

Eva 2.22 Film Strip Reaches 80K Yen on Auction


A film strip that is included with the limited edition of the Blu-Ray release of Evangelion 2.22 has reached 80K yen on Yahoo! Auction. (more…)


First Day Sales of Evangelion 2.22 Exceeds 300K


The first day official sales for the Blu Ray and DVD sales for Evangelion 2.22 has exceeded expectation, with 124,000 DVDs and 195,000 Blu-ray sold, accounting for around 320,000 combined sales. This totally exceeds the first day sales of the former best selling anime Blu-Ray, the first volume of Kidou Senshi Gundam (UC) which sold around 56,000 copies. It also broken the record of the most Blu-Ray sold, formerly held by Michael Jackson’s This is It, which was around order propecia 122,000 copies. (more…)

Gundam Phone Announced


In a further attempt to milk the Gundam 30th anniversary, Japanese mobile provider Softbank has announced that it will feature a limited edition Gundam themed phone model in the Japanese market. (more…)

Miku PSP 05

Project Diva 2 Bundled With Miku Themed PSP


Good news if you’re a Hatsune Miku fan waiting for the next release of the highly popular button mashing rhythmic game, Project Diva. Sega has announced that a special bundle of a Hatsune Miku themed PSP along with Project Diva 2 will be released (more…)

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