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Makinami Mari Wetsuit Revealed


Buxom Evangelion pilot Makinami Mari has an honour of having a wetsuit designed to look just like her plugsuit that was used in the second movie of Evangelion Gekijouban (more…)

K-On! PSP Game Announced


Fans of moeblob music anime K-On! will have a reason to rejoice as it was announced that the series will receive a game adaptation for the Sony PSP (more…)


More K-On! Merchandising Madness


The latest episode of the moeblobcentric anime, K-On!!, focused on the lithe neko-like second guitarist, Nakano Azusa. Having nothing else to see, the otakus at 2ch compiled whatever real life reference that they could find in the series (more…)

Fancy a Trip To Tokyo 3?

Wanting to visit Tokyo 3, the famous place where the world of Shin Seiki Evangelion was centered in? Well you can, in a way. Tokyo 3 is based upon the real life Hakone in Japan, and the Hakone Tourism Committee, under supervision of Studio Khara and Gainax decided to cash in on that fact by releasing around 10,000 pamphlets, aptly titled “Evangelion Hakone Complementation Map” (ヱヴァンゲリヲン箱根補完マップ)”

Situated in Kanagawa, the map of Hakone, sorry, I mean Tokyo 3 will give fans a chance to visit all the famous places that was featured in the series. One might wonder if they also have a large hole (geofront) underneath the city. The map also suggest the best routes to go to all of these places, which is a good way to get some of these fans exercising without them knowing it.

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