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Teen Commited Suicide over Manga Character’s Death

A Russian teenager has leapt to his death after he found out his favourite character, Naruto's Uchiha Itachi has died.


Naruto Bersyukur


The love affair between Indonesian and Naruto has reached a new level. First, we have the Naruto sequal Naburo, and now we comes an indie movie, titled Naruto Bersyukur. (more…)


Why The Double Standard on Local Published Manga?


See the three mangas above? Any difference? Not really. Indeed they are of 3 different languages, but they are still manga, and all of them are “official”, since the English and Malay version have been given the license by the original Japanese publishing company to be republished in local language. But what irks me is whenever anyone talks about “original” manga, why they never consider the Malay one to be original? (more…)


Supercell Will Provide a Song For Naruto


Supercell’s lead songwriter has confirmed that they will provide a new song that will be used for the ending theme of Naruto (more…)

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