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K-ON! Manga Restarting


Top moeblob manga K-ON! is to resume in the spring, much to the joy of fans. (more…)

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Now You Also Can Sleep With Tanaka Rie


Popular seiyuu and now aspiring gravure idol Tanaka Rie has revealed

that anyone can sleep with her in company… (more…)


More K-On! Merchandising Madness


The latest episode of the moeblobcentric anime, K-On!!, focused on the lithe neko-like second guitarist, Nakano Azusa. Having nothing else to see, the otakus at 2ch compiled whatever real life reference that they could find in the series (more…)

Latest Japanese Shinkansen Dubbed “Hatsune”


An online competition to name a new shinkansen in Japan has ended with a loads of Hatsune Miku fans, the virtual idol produced by Yamaha, to name it “Hatsune” due to the similarity of the colouring between the train and the aforementioned character.

The new “E5″ class shinkansen, with a top speed of nearly 300KM/h will be in service in Tohoku. While the similarity of the colour being somewhat coincidental, fans are quick to flood social networking sites such as Mixi and Twitter to hijack the online votes and name it “Hatsune”. And it was so overwhelming that while the vote will only conclude at the end of the month, it’s now confirmed that nothing can topple the name from the top of the polls.

Reactions are somewhat mixed in the online community


Doesn’t your crotch get hot knowing our Miku-chan is now something train otaku fap over?

They do look a bit alike somehow.

It’s an exceedingly ugly Miku-chan…

They’ll be guys who splatter themselves on the train you know.

Stop that, creepy otaku.

Won’t they be happy that they can “get inside” Miku?

It’s absolutely disgusting that you’d come up with that…

Don’t name an ugly vehicle like this after Miku-chan you damn idiots!

Via: Sankaku Complex

The Sad Case of Malaysian "Otaku"

Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. A female otaku is occasionally referred to as a fujoshi

Wikipedia Otaku Definition

First and foremost, let me clarify one thing. I am not an otaku. I never was an otaku, and I never referred to myself as one. I have never been a hardcore fans of animes/mangas; I just like to watch them, but never to the point of obsessive interest. Even though this blog is mostly about Japanese anime news and such, I just did it for fun. And thus why I think I have the right on commenting about this issue. What issue do you ask? Well it's about the so called Malaysian “Otakus”

This issue first arose when I was talking with Emina's Fazri about the lack of sales for the recent May'n concert tickets. We were lamenting that while there are a lot of Anime fans in Malaysia, not many know of her and her relationship with Macross Frontier. And we were also laughing about the fact that most of these fans are calling themselves otakus, even tho just about the things that they know about animes were, in no particular order, Bleach and/or Naruto.

As quoted above, an otaku is someone who is really obsessed with something. Ask them about their particular line of interest, and they will sure be able to tell and describe to you any facts about it. As such, an AniWota in Japan is regarded as one of the most important core target in terms of merchandising and DVD/Blu-Ray sales, since these are the guys who will fork out whatever and however much is needed to acquire that item. Thus why we are seeing how the direction of anime as a whole itself is changing, as they are trying to cater to the needs of these group. What they want, is what the anime studios will give them.

Certainly they are quite a powerful group, but why are we talking about them in the first place? Well easy. It's for comparison. If you are a so called otaku from Malaysia, try asking yourself, how much do you really know about the anime you watch? More on that later on. Honestly in Malaysia there lies a misconception that if you watch anime, you're automatically an “otaku”. WTF wei, most of you don't even know what the word really mean but you classify yourself as one? Do you know the na

mes of every seiyuu? Do you buy all the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the series? Oh wait, talking about that, let me clarify that Bootleg DVDs from Hong Kong does not count. Seriously, ask any Nartuo or Bleachfags about the Seiyuu from the series and chances are, only a minority can name them.

Talking about seiyuus, how many of the so called local otakus knows name like Sakamoto Maaya? Fukuyama Jun? The awesome Tomokazu Sugita? Hayashibara Megumi? Or even Norio Wakamoto? I am thankful that we have someone like j1m0ne in Malaysia. Her blog is a good read for any seiyuu fans, and what made me started to learn about the seiyuus behind the a series in the first place. There is, however, just so much that a blog can do, and most of the so called “otakus” out there don't even bother to visit sites like these.

Merchandising is also something that I really feel these so called “otaku” fail at. Miserably. Reading threads like this, this and this, I wonder if they really KNOW what original merchandise really means. I don't think they are THAT stupid to not realise that the HK bootlegs DVD/VCDs are not original. But then again this is Malaysia. How do you show support for that particular series? Sure, by buying bootlegs of it, and proudly show them off…

Belilah Barangan Buatan Orang Lain

A real otaku would go and try to buy the original release of that particular series. Ini kalau beli DVD cap ayam, pastu nak mengaku otaku? PTUI! Heck, even the figurines they buy are the Chinese knock off that cost just a fraction. And they are saying they are proud to be fans. Fans that are making the pirates richer by leeching off the hard work of others? Bah!

Seriously, if you think you're a REAL otaku, try compare your level to one awesome non-otaku, Shinn87. If you find yourself not on par on his level, then dream on. Heck, the only person in real life that I can consider a real otaku is a friend of mine. Not only he's knowledgeable in many animes, he also frequents Japanese discussion boards, thus he's usually my source of news.

So what's this article is about actually? Well not much. I just feel like talking about it. Drop us a comment if you feel that we are doing it wrong.


Yui Is Otaku’s Waifu of Choice


Blur and unreliable moeblob Hirasawa Yui from the hit musically inclined anime series, K-On! has been shown to be the waifu of choice for otakus, at least in the animation magazine “Animage“‘s wife ranking (whatever that is and if that even makes any sense). Indeed, her impact is so strong that only once that her reign of terror over the unsuspecting otakus were broken in the last few months by a more mature and level headed Sheryl Nome, herself from another musically inclined anime series.

One would wonder if music and moeblob is the next “in” thing for otakus in Japan, for which if it does, the future for them looks bleak.

Via Yunakiti

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