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Masaki Yuasa

Would KickStarter Works With Everyone?

Well that was the question that we asked three anime industry people during the last Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore. This was in regards to the earlier news of Masaki Yuasa's decision to use crowdfunding, in this case KickStarter to fund his upcoming movie, Kick Heart. This was something quite new in the anime industry, and we were quite curious to heart other people's view about it, especially ones that are involved in the industry. And we have the perfect opportunity during AFA, as we asked this question to Shinichiro Watanabe, Kamiyama Kenji cialis generic as well as Tomohiko Ishii. So what was their answer? Read on (more…)


Meet Kamiyama Kenji at AFA 12!

Production IG's famous director, Kamiyama Kenji will be appearing at AFA 12! Kamiyama-sensei, who first started working behind the scene with Production IG's Ghost in the Shell gained prominent fame after he was tasked with directing Seirei no Moribito as well as the acclaimed Higashi no Eden. At Anime Festival Asia 2012, you can personally hear him share his wealth of experience of being a director, as well as talking about his latest project, Cyborg 009. Don't miss this opportunity if you are an avid anime fan!


Production IG Turns to Kickstarter for Anime Project

Would you pay USD10,000 to spend a day with Production IG's president as well as Mamoru Ishii and Masaaki Yuasa? That is what Production IG is offering if you are willing to pledge that much in their kickstarter project, Kick Heart. (more…)


Over 41k Visits the Inagural Anime Festival Asia Malaysia


The recently concluded Anime Festival Asia Malaysia that was held last weekend at the Putra World Trade Centre was a hit, surpassing the initial target with a total of 41 thousand visitors visiting the event over two days and has easily taken the crown for Malaysia’s largest Anime-centric event, eclipsing even that of AFKL. The event, which is it’s first year specifically targets the fans of Japanese culture, specifically the ones that involves animes, mangas, cosplays and anisongs. And it totally did not disappoint with a whole lot of activities lined up for the fans over the two days
Over the next few days we will be doing special report of the event, but for now we will give a gist of what happened over the two days at PWTC!

Production I.G logo

Meet Production IG at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

Are you fans of titles such as Ghost in the Shell, Eden of the East and Guilty Crown? Then you are in for a treat as the people behind the studio of these animes are coming down. Yes people, you can meet two of the people behind Production I.G. right here in Malaysia! (more…)

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